Directions to NISC
5625 Fishers Lane
Rockville, MD 20852
(301) 451-0282

Directions from I-270:
  1. Montrose exit 4A heading East towards Rockville Pike.
  2. Left onto Montrose Rd, where Montrose Parkway branches off to the right.
  3. Left onto East Jefferson St, staying in the right lane.
  4. Right onto Rollins Ave and straight across Route 355 onto Twinbrook Parkway.
  5. Over the bridge and past Parklawn Drive.
  6. Turn right onto Fishers Lane.
  7. First left after the U.S. Pharmocopia Building.
  8. Down the hill one block to the stop sign. The parking garage will be on the right, but continue straight to the main entrance in the middle of the garage. It faces an open field on the left.
  9. Punch the green button to get a ticket and open the gate.
  10. Park on any floor, but the third floor is the one that connects to the plaza behind our building
  11. When you walk out of the parking garage, our building (5625 Fishers Lane) will be on your left. That's actually the back side of the building, so if you walk between the two brick buildings, then turn left, you'll be by our front door.




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